Swaving, a different look at relaxation

Today, movement is generally perceived as a factor of stress. Swaving, in a spirit of creativity and innovation made movement an ally to relaxation, thus breaking the concept that deep and profound relaxation has to be passive. Bodyswave relaxes you by its soft undulations. Lying full length on the elegant leather crafted couch you will slowly and softly be rocked backwards and forwards in a sensation of détente and tranquillity. Meanwhile the intermingling of corporeal fluids will have a deep effect upon the body. Created with respect to your body, soundless and without vibration, Bodyswave has made active relaxation available to everyone.

All materials have been selected and handcrafted to a high degree. The best of technology has been mastered and utilised allowing you to experience pure sensations.

The created ambience leads you to a state of complete relaxation.

Swaving : the art of active relaxation